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MISSION. What we promise and what we do

Our mission is to craft iconic art and cultural experiences for young people by embedding the latest values of tourism innovation...


  • By helping them to understand art and cultural contexts better through impactful memory-making.

  • By championing their creativity.

  • By widening their horizons.

  • By fostering lifelong friendships and creating a lasting legacy of cultural networks.

VISION. What we aim for


We aim to become the main high-quality provider of art and cultural experiences for young people...

  • Through inspiration and by innovating how young people experience and understand art and cultures, responsibly.

  • By developing a global community with a shared passion for art and culture that is committed to making a difference.

VALUES. How we act  

Artour is passionate, innovative, responsible, creative and committed.


Artour focuses on art, culture, and travel - the three essential pillars for the shaping of fine minds. Passion helps create a long-term relationship with our clients.


Artour dares to innovate and is unique, for the benefit of the clients.


Artour cares about how our business impacts the people and the places it touches. Artour believes it is time for tourism to help save nature, which we will achieve by supporting rainforest conservation projects in an effort to offset our carbon footprint.


Artour cultivates creativity, embraces experimentation, and draws on a diverse set of perspectives and experiences by collaborating with cross-functional experts.


Artour is highly committed to these values and ensures that they are implemented at all levels of the company’s activities. Artour supports Artourians as they become goodwill citizens.

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