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At Artour we involve young people through non-formal education experiences, carried out in cooperation with exclusive cultural institutions, innovation labs, artist studios, schools, environmental associations, universities, various other associations and social groups both at local and international level.


Photo: Soaring, Alberonero © Farm Cultural Park, Favara (Nadia Castronovo)

Artour experiences are sealed by the so-called “Artour essence” and is comprised of two elements with the objective of inspiring Artourians and widening their horizons:

The Satellite Experiences aim to widen the horizons of the Artourians beyond fine art by enriching their experiences in the fields of innovation/ technology, music, creativity, nature, cuisine/culinary lab, dance/theatre, and iconic brands, by learning ‘the story behind the story.’

​​The Core Program focuses on art experiences and aims to provide Artourians with an understanding of the key players in the art world and its dynamics in innovative and fun ways, thanks to exclusive access to these players. It comprises diving into the world of art galleries, artists’ studios, museums, auction houses, and much more.




We are working to craft the most extraordinary art and cultural experiences for the Next Generation of Artourians.

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Artour Patrons Circle brings together inspiring personalities and philanthropists worldwide, who have a commitment to art and culture and share Artour values.

FLORIAN BERKTOLD | Executive Director, Hauser & Wirth contemporary and modern art gallery

Born in Austria, art professional Florian Berktold enrolled for media studies at the University of Vienna, and after a few years at Kunsthalle Vienna joined Hauser & Wirth in Zurich in 1999. Serving as Executive Director on the board of this international global player, he works with artists and estates and organises exhibitions and art fairs for the gallery worldwide. Lives in Zurich.

"ARTOUR struck me as a new and original concept of how to engage our youth with arts, history and education. Looking forward to see my children becoming Artourians", said Florian Berktold.

Photo | Till Vielrose © Kunsthaus Lempertz. 


ISABEL APIARIUS-HANSTEIN | Partner & Expert for Contemporary Art at Lempertz

German-Chilean born 1988 in a family of art dealers. Raised and educated in Germany. Architecture and Art Market Studies in Munich, Mexico D.F. and Zurich. Worked at several art galleries before joining the family’s art business. Lempertz is one of the leading auction houses in Europe and the eldest in family possession, with nearly 200 years of history. Isabel’s passion for contemporary art and photography, since her very early age, made her today one of the youngest experts on contemporary art. Lives in Cologne.

In joining Artour Patrons Circle, Isabel said - “The endless variety of art expands one's horizon. Therefore, it is important to give kids access and perspective to art. It teaches them to look beyond what is obvious.”

ANDREA BARTOLI |  Founder of Farm Cultural Park

Italian born. Notary since 2000, he is a lover of contemporary languages ​​with particular interest in architecture, design, art, urban regeneration and territorial redevelopment.

With Florinda, life partner and accomplice of all his initiatives, in 2010 they moved their family from Paris to Favara and they gave birth to the Farm Cultural Park, a new generation Cultural Center. Receiving global recognition for the use of design as a tool for social change, especially in marginalized communities. He has been the receiver of numerous awards, chosen by the American Curry Stone Foundation as a Social Design Circle Honoree, amongst 100 compelling practitioners from around the globe, for the outstanding contribution in having produced the greatest social impact in the world in the last ten years. 

Invited in 2012 and 2016 at the Venice Architecture Biennale and featured in many national and international media such as The Guardian, Artribune,  Vogue and Domus. In the last ten years he has been the speaker of some of the most prestigious Italian and international cultural events.


Since 2011 he is a founding member of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation.


In 2018 he has been a guest to the US State Department, in Washington, Pittsburgh and Detroit, participating in the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), a premier professional exchange program, with the objective of strengthening the economic development through the urban regeneration of the territories. Lives in Favara, Sicily.

In joining ARTOUR, Andrea Bartoli said - “ARTOUR is an amazing project that will allow a new generation of young people to become educated, generous and far-sighted citizens."

Photo | Sandro  Edoardo Di Miceli




Quality is of the utmost importance to Artour. 

For this reason Artour brings together the most innovative cross-functional lead topic experts to craft exciting experiences.   



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