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Artour crafts iconic art and cultural experiences across several tiers of product offering.

Each product tier represents a different depth of art and cultural experience and their corresponding relationship to players in the art world, offering access to the finest selection of art and experts.



The Day Out offers Artourians the possibility to experience Artour essence with focus on art and selective satellites experiences. It is organized for a duration of one day and takes place in one city only.



The grand TOUR is an Artour signature product and is rooted in the concept of the “Grand Tour of Europe” of the 17th and 18th centuries. It features travel across three to five European cities for a period of 10–15 days during early summer.

Artour crafts tours across diverse art topics. The following are some of the crafted tours Artour is most proud of: (i) Europe Contemporary: a journey across the European landmarks in contemporary art; (ii) The Time Traveler — “Alexander the Great Goes to London”: a backward journey from ancient Greece to contemporary London; (iii) Seen Through the Eyes of Guggenheim to Pompidou: experience modern and contemporary art through the eyes of some of the world’s finest art collections; (iv) From Book to Journey: following the paths of famous works of literature that are often set in amazing landmarks and are often written by authors who know the back streets and unspoken histories of places, like Dan Brown’s Origin, set in the ultramodern Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.


The Future Leaders Summit is organized yearly and aims to bring together all Artourians and Artourians-to-be to discuss and investigate the opportunities and challenges of our time in the cultural sphere and look for indications of possible futures.

The topic may vary from time to time. It takes place over a long weekend (Friday to Sunday) in a European city connected to the chosen topic of the year. It will be chaired by a Patron from Artour Patrons Circle.


The School-Break Connect offers Artourians the possibility of spending the autumn or spring school break experiencing art and culture in a fun way. The program is designed for a duration of seven days and takes place in one city only.


The Customized Experiences are "crafted tours" or "ad hoc experiences" customized for a client’s specific need with Artour know-how and essence.


The Weekender offers Artourians the possibility to discover a city with new eyes or to be part of a Biennale or Fair experience. It is organized for a duration of three days maximum and takes place in a city only. For example, in Venice during the Venice Biennale or in Madrid for the ARCOmadrid International Contemporary Art Fair or London or Milan.

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