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Artour is based on the “Grand Tour of Europe,” which was designed to enlighten the young elite of the 17th and 18th centuries. By traveling around Europe, the Grand Tour represented an effort to broaden young people’s horizons by teaching them about art, languages, architecture, geography, and culture as an immersive experience.

In his essay “Of Travel,” written in 1615, Francis Bacon pronounced the journey dedicated to educational travel to be an indispensible experience for young people who were ambitious to play a leading role in society and politics.

Goethe, Montaigne, and Stendhal — among other genius minds — undertook and were inspired by this tour. Would they have become the influential and highly regarded leaders that they were had they not embarked on a Grand Tour of Europe?

Today, Artour reshapes this concept in a contemporary and innovative way and aims to inspire genius minds and leaders of tomorrow.

The program is designed to enable young people to achieve the following:

  • Rich exposure and vital understanding of art and its key players.

  • Experiment with creativity and making art.

  • Cultivate a taste for fine living by participating in leisure activities, experimenting innovation, making gastronomic discoveries, and learning the stories behind iconic brands.

  • Build direct relationships by joining a global network of like-minded people.

Artour re-invents the concept of cultural travel for young people by crafting iconic art and cultural experiences for young people by embedding the latest values of tourism innovation. 
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