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The products always feature the following:

  • A dedicated team of experts. Artour counselors will accompany the young people and include:

    • a chef de mission (Tour Director)

    • a pedagogic expert

    • an art historian/local tour guide

    • a team coordinator

    • fulltime security

    • ad hoc guest speakers covering relevant topics, depending on the program offering.

  • A comprehensive documentation of the program and activities.

  • Travel and accommodations that are sustainable, upscale, designer, and centrally located.

  • A code of conduct and detailed daily schedule will be provided to Artourians and their parents.

  • Welcome and closing ceremonies are planned, with the possibility of parental participation.

  • Active roles and responsibilities will be assigned to each Artourian to make the experience even more memorable. Each Artourian will be tasked with one of the four key roles of a reporter   (photographer, videographer, journalist, or memorabilia collector), thereby contributing to the production of the journey’s documentation. A team of experts will provide an introduction and training on how to best perform these roles and activities during the welcome day. The output will be presented during the closing ceremony.

  • Possibility for parental participation on selective legs of the journey.  

  • Emergency plan. Together with the security team, Artour develops an emergency plan for each city part of the journey and this includes contact with ER, local doctors, embassy liaison units, control room.


Quality is of the utmost importance to Artour. 

For this reason Artour brings together the most innovative cross-functional lead topic experts to craft exciting experiences.   

The products 

are very selective and are offered to a maximum of 10 young people at a time.

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